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  • 5
    Damian Albert of Albert Realty Advisors (ARA) is a real estate professional who adds significant value. I owned all the units of a 4-unit condo building and was trying to sell them at a good price. Before switching to ARA, my agent suggested that our asking price was way too high and that we needed to price the units "to sell." After switching to ARA, Damian helped me solve this estimated value problem by 1) helping me make modest improvements on unit interiors, 2) leasing the units at a significantly improved market value and then 3) strategically and professionally marketing the units to the most likely market -- investors. In addition, Damian managed my property throughout the process, finding reliable tenants in the midst of the pandemic and finding effective and affordable contractors for needed maintenance and improvements. He also kept immaculate records and communicated well, with clarity and timeliness. In the end, instead of the $115k our initial agent suggested, we were able to market and sell the units for $145k. And because of his investment analysis, I believe this value represented a benefit to both me as a seller and to the new buyer who purchased immediate cash flow. In my 15 years of buying and selling property, Damian is the best agent I've had the privilege of working with. I recommend him highly.
    Marcus T.
  • 5
    I met Damian in early 2019 when I moved from Los Angeles to Chicago. During our first phone conversation I could tell that Damian had a wealth of experience and knowledge about the homebuying process. As a first-time homebuyer, Damian was truly the key to my success. He didn’t make me feel dumb or behind. He provided me with educational materials, answered all of my questions with care, and introduced me to many of the people on my homebuying team (mortgage broker, lawyer, and home inspector).</span> When I decided to put in an offer on a home, he walked me through every step to ensure I felt comfortable. Even after closing on my home in August 2019, Damian continued to check in on me and forwarding helpful articles about home maintenance. Anyone who works with Damian can rest assured that they are in good hands. I would work with him again and forward anyone looking for an agent to him with 100% confidence.
    Nina I.
  • 5
    It is my pleasure to share my experience working with Mr. Damian Albert in the sale of my property. Mr. Albert is an especially thoughtful, competent, and knowledgeable real estate specialist. The breadth of his knowledge extends to including real estate contracting work and sensitivity to the resources that his clients may be in need of. He has access to, and relationships to contractors, legal assistants, financial experts and others who can provide counsel and advice to both sellers and purchasers. His expertise made the entire transaction both satisfactory and successful.
    During the sale of my 4 apartment brick building in Chicago, Mr. Albert proved to be an invaluable asset. With his expert assistance and counsel my property was evaluated, priced, listed, and sold within a very immediate window of time. He provided all leads, showings, stagings, and necessary materials for the promotion and sale of the property. Without reservation, I can say that I am completely and unreservedly satisfied with the entire process up to and including the closing sale. He is without question a broker to be lauded for his abilities. Also, he was very sensitive to client needs and concerns during the process, being patient and explaining all areas of the sale in layman's language.
    Jamila R.
  • 5
    Damian helped us with what felt like a nearly-impossible task: finding a home for a family of 6 in the neighborhood we wanted...during a pandemic...while we as buyers were across the country...in time to move in before the school year began. Despite the various pressures of our particular purchase scenario, he made sure to give us honest, professional, insightful guidance to help us get it done! As far as the skills you would hope for in an agent, Damian was a great communicator, patient, and most importantly THOROUGH in his analysis to help us figure out which options were worth pursuing and at what price. Also, he was great with helping talk us through everything he was seeing as we did all virtual home tours. At the end of the day, he helped us find the right place and made the process as smooth as anyone could have expected given all the obstacles we had to get through. We are very happy and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is buying a home.
    Jeremy H.
  • 5
    Damian was a great realtor for a first-time homebuyer who was adrift in a sea of information. He took the time to help us learn what to look for when searching and how to be a critical consumer of real estate information. He let us set the pace of our search and was a trusted advisor every step of the way. His insight into the inspection and contract processes helped us to negotiate favorable terms and save money on closing costs and listing price. We had a tight window for getting everything ready to close in time, and he helped us stay informed and on target. Thanks Damian!
    Daniel P.
  • 5
    Damian helped us purchase our first home. First on his list was to take the time and really listen to the "picture" we had of our future home - our must haves and wishes. Damian proved exceptionally knowledgeable, reliable and attentive. His attention to structural details in homes we looked at was invaluable. Damian walked us through all the processes and paperwork, helping us make needed connections. Six months of living in our dream home, there have been no unpleasant surprises with the home. We would highly recommend Damian Albert to first time home buyers and seasoned purchasers alike.
    Chuck E.
  • 5
    Damian helped us purchase our first home. First on his list was to take the time and really listen to the "picture" we had of our furture home - our must haves and wishes. Damian proved exceptionally knowledgeable, reliable and attentive. His attention to structural details in homes we looked at was invaluable. Damian walked us through all the processes and paperwork, helping us make needed connections. Six months of living in our dream home, there have been no unpleasant surprises with the home. We would highly recommend Damian Albert to first time home buyers and seasoned purchasers alike.
  • 5
    What can I say about Damian? Damian goes above and beyond as a realtor. He's not just trying to make a sale--he is trying to make sure you make a smart purchase. I originally chose Damian because of his knowledge in renovation and multifamily projects. He will teach you what to look for with the infrastructure, appliances and bones of the building. Electrical, plumbing, foundation, etc. He knows what to look for on a preliminary basis and knows what questions to ask. He wants you to understand why you should look for these things too. His primary objective is to help you make a smart financial investment. Damian is patient and plays a part-time therapist too :) The number of hours spent on the phone talking me through options is invaluable. Damian despises realtors who treat the job as just appointment facilitators--there to open the door. And there's no wonder: Damian's services are exceptional. I ultimately did not go with a renovation project, but did go with a multifamily. The amount I learned through the year-long process in a tough market is nuts. Cannot recommend Damian enough.
    Rebekah A.
  • 5
    Damian is everything you want in your real estate professional. Through his experience and analytic work, he brings a unique and impressive understanding of your local market. This allows you to approach the whole process with great confidence. What separates Damian though is his commitment to detail. He's with you every step of the way and nothing is too small for attention. At the same time, he's so easy to work with that all you feel is support, never any pressure or urgency. I can't recommend him enough.
    Ben P.
  • 5
    My roommate and I worked with Damian to purchase a beautiful multi-unit building in Avondale. As this was our first experience purchasing property, we leaned heavily on Damian’s experience in the field. He was always available and provided sound advice on request without applying pressure. We really enjoyed working with Damian and are very pleased with our purchase!
    Anne F.
  • 5
    My husband and I really enjoyed working with Damian. We were first time home buyers and he was great at walking us through the process and helping us to know what to expect. He always had our best interest in mind, keeping us from over paying more than once. He went above and beyond typical real estate agent duties by being present at each and every step of the way, every showing, home inspection, walk through and closing. We would highly recommend Damian to anyone searching for a home in the Chicago area!
    Katie G.
  • 5
    We worked with Damian on the recent purchase of a 3 flat. He started out as a respected professional and ended up as a friend, albeit, a very knowledgeable friend. Damian has impressive knowledge of real estate market and is skillful in his analysis of building valuation and negotiations. He was very responsive to our questions and quick to set up building visits. He is the only person I would even consider using when it comes to purchasing or selling another building.
    Paul Z.
  • 5
    Our home buying process was not amazingly smooth but Damian did an amazing job of negotiating on our behalf and to look out for our best interest. He also has a great team of people that were vital in closing our deal on time. We are extremely grateful for his perseverance and expertise! We love our new home!
    Truly G.
  • 5
    We worked with Damian to purchase a multi-unit building and had an excellent experience working with him. He was knowledgeable about every aspect of the transaction, and he made sure we understood the value and risks in potential properties. Damian was hands on and communicated thoroughly throughout the purchase process, and we appreciated that he was concerned about putting us in the best possible situation and not just closing a sale.
  • 5
    Damian recently helped my wife and I purchase a two-flat building in Logan Square. I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism, commitment, and work ethic throughout this process. Damian spent time educating us about the whole process from start to finish and even after our purchase has kept in touch to help us with issues that have come up. The most important aspect of the realtor-client relationship is trust, and Damian has the highest level of integrity. There were numerous opportunities where Damian actually advised us away from a deal, which speaks volumes about his honesty. Damian has extensive knowledge of Chicago’s real estate market and provided us with full cash-flow evaluations and projected income reports for every house we looked at!! Lastly, one of Damian’s strengths is communication – he always made sure to check-in with us and always responded to email/texts. I have had opportunity to interact with many different realtors and I cannot recommend Damian enough. He is the reason we were able to purchase our property.
    Cornelis V.
  • 5
    Damian was our realtor for our condo sale in Uptown. No one had sold in our condo for a few years and comps in the area were very widespread. Damian's knowledge with how to list our condo was a huge factor in our ability to sell. We had three offers within a week of listing and we accepted one of them. Damian was at every showing and was the most communicative representative of everyone we worked with (compared with lawyers, mortgage companies, etc.). He had our back and was ahead of everyone with each step of the process. Damian is trustworthy, great at communicating and very professional in all of his interactions. We know we got the best service possible. The close of our home couldn't have gone smoother and I would highly recommend Damian.
    Meredith M.
  • 5
    I recently purchased a three-flat and Damian Albert was instrumental in helping me get this deal done. Damian’s knowledge of both local Chicago markets and numerous loan products was invaluable in this process. Damian determined market rents and gross income multipliers, and then used those metrics to prepare cash flows for every property that I was interested in pursuing. I have a background in commercial appraisal, and I can attest that Damian has a firm grasp on real estate finance and offers expert advice on both owner-occupied and investment properties. Damian Albert was relentless in presenting me with opportunities and helping me find a property that would work for me. He is a hustler in the best sense of the word. Given the tightness in the market and the difficulty I had finding a suitable property, I am quite sure I would not have bought anything without Damian’s help. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Damian has integrity and fiercely guards his clients’ interests. I was near to overpaying for a property early in the process and Damian actually talked me out of it, suggesting my returns would be limited over the long run. In hindsight, he was absolutely right, and I do not know many brokers who would have done the same for me. Especially when he could have made a closing and moved on to the next deal! Whether you are looking for a multi-unit building or commercial property, Damian is well equipped to help you find the right one.
    Ian L.
  • 5
    Damian did an excellent job - sold our place in the South Loop faster than we had anticipated at a great price. Would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell!
    Jon M.
  • 5
    Damian represented me in a first time condo purchase in Logan Square. He was able to hone in on the type of unit I was looking and remained patient and calm throughout the process, answering my questions and checking in periodically - even after the sale. The process went very smoothly, and I'm thankful for his skills and expertise.
    Rachel H.
  • 5
    Damian was great! Being a single mom, I had a limited budget. He really took the time to work with me and find places that were high quality for my son and me. He took his time to explain the process and was available. Damian was patient and willing to answer any questions I had.
    Genessa S.
  • 5
    My husband and I just closed on our house. Damian assisted us. We actually stumbled upon Damian after randomly stopping at an open house where he happened to be the listing agent. My husband and I attempted to work with other realtors, but we had bad experiences with them. After meeting Damian within the first 10 minutes he made an excellent first impression. We had a gut feeling that he would be different, and he was our guy. He EXCEEDED our expectations. Damian was always available when we needed. He provided market analysis on the properties we were interested in. He provided educated recommendations on what and if we should put in an offer on a property. He was very knowledgeable, and he made suggestions based on our best interest versus just getting a sale. Due to my line of work I come across a lot of realtors, and Damian still blew me away by going above and beyond what most realtors bring to the table. I wish I could leave 10 stars on Yelp. Damian will be our life long realtor, and my husband and I will recommend him to our clients, friends, family, and anyone interested in realtor services.
    Nathan B.
  • 5
    Damian Albert is a wonderful realtor. We had a really hard time finding the right house with other realtors in the past. Once we started working with Damian, he helped us to find the perfect house. He was really patient with us and provided us with excellent guidance that led us to making the right choice. I would recommend Damian to anyone who is looking for a home!
    Aneesa S.
  • 5
    We worked with Damian Albert for our first home purchase. Throughout the process he was knowledgeable and kind, bearing with us through our many, many questions. We appreciated his warm, personal demeanor and his willingness to go the extra mile for us. He was always available, counseled us on our offer so we could be accepted, and he also connected us with the best inspector who really allowed us to get the maximum credits we could possibly get in our negotiations. His knowledge and connections were invaluable. Damian was absolutely great, and as we slowly start making our new home our own, we are grateful we were connected to Damian
    Adam C.
  • 5
    We had an excellent experience working with Damian to purchase an apartment building. He was knowledgable about every aspect of the transaction and made sure we understood the various risks at play. Damian was hands on and communicated thoroughly on a consistent basis. He put us in the best possible position as investors and we are appreciative.
    Chris & Sarah M.